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Oil Industry


Treatment of wastewater from cutting industry

>The wastewater created as a result of cutting industry contains a high concentration of inorganic and is large in volume. In addition, the wastewater has a low level of COD and BOD and is weakly alkaline, which makes it impossible to treat it biologically.


>Ceramic NF membrane can physically intercept the suspended solids. Hence, not only can the effluent water quality reach the standard for recycling purpose, but also the cutting water can be recovered by the pressure filtration process afterwards.

Blue car being washed

Recovery of degreaser from the treatment of degreasing wastewater

>In the process of metalworking, all the products require degreasing treatment in order to protect them from contamination in the future. Degreaser can lose the ability to remove oil after a certain period of usage due to the high content of oil, grease and suspended solids.


>With ceramic NF technology, the effluent quality can meet the standards of recycling for washing and the greaser can be effectively recovered by using ceramic NF membrane technology.

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