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Membrane for water treatment


Membrane technology has now become one of the most important technologies in water treatment, especially in making fresh water with high quality. A broad range of application for membrane technology implies the involving of a great group of people with diverse educational background and less profound knowledge about the membrane.

This course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge on the properties of membrane and operation of membrane processes (microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis). The most important issues raised in membrane technology, such as membrane fouling, scaling and cleaning, would not be missed. Also, the configuration of diverse membrane processes is referred in detail.

For whom

Professionals and/or employees dealing with engineering, management and education in the fields of water treatment where membrane technology is the core operational process.

Post graduate students in civil, chemical, and environmental engineering can also expand their practical knowledge on membrane technology through this course.

Participants who want to extend their understanding of the membrane technology.

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